Directions for staff development: 

Login is upper right now.   

Teachers, your last year password was probably 123.   

If you are a teacher, login, click and go to the professional development  and then click on the top Staff Dev. for certified teachers.   Please log in with your assigned user name  (the one you use for email) and for the password try 123moodle  (for the new ones) or bedford or bedford123.  If that isn't working,  then call or email Betsy or Jan.   You can call me at 931-607-6093.  Moodle does lock you out after 3 bad tries and we'll have to reset the password.  Some of you may have changed it last year to your own password.    


 There are a few logins that can't be lastname, first initial (very few - but some).  

Usernames and passwords use no spaces and use all lower case letters (NO capitals)

This PD was turned on 7/17 and is due by Oct 1.  

Problems or if you changed your password last year and can't remember what it is, we will need to reset it.  

Problems?  Then email Betsy Norris ( or Jan Hall ( and we'll reset it for you.   Don't email us both - just one of us.  We've been known to set and reset it to 2 different things within 5 minutes.  Either of us will be glad to help you.      

We are finding that Chrome or Safari is the best viewer for using Moodle. However a few people told me that it helped to change to Internet Explorer.  So if one doesn't work try another.   


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