This a blended learning course that is best used with middle school students going on a day visit to High School or with elementary students going to visit middle school. The "brief" is to introduce them to Moodle using games on the computer or whiteboard - while at the same time learning a new (mystery!) subject that they can continue back at their current school or at home. The games and SCORM activities are made from software freely available online. The first three topics are done with the teacher in class and take about an hour. Topic 4 and the random glossary block should only be revealed after the session and are for children to continue in their own time. Full instructions for teachers are in topic 5 which should be hidden at all times. Starting with the giraffe movie and the items in topic 1 the children are asked to work out (the mystery) what it is they are learning (it's German that they are learning!). The aim is to give them some basic German vocabulary that is rooted in English cognates and is therefore very easy to pick up in one hour -with the help of songs and games.